Chris Savary is responsible for the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Public Information Office (PIO). The PIO is the section of the Sheriff’s Office responsible for communicating information to the public, particularly during major or newsworthy incidents. The PIO disseminates information of general and newsworthy interest to the general public, public officials, social media, and news media. It is the responsibility of the PIO to stay abreast of all notable events and criminal cases. The PIO is responsible for media releases and to insure that media requests are reviewed and handled appropriately. The Public Information Officer is the lead spokesperson and main media contact for information on Sheriff’s Office activities. The PIO is also responsible for coordinating all media requests for Sheriff Jared Miller.

Road Patrol Commanders and the Communications Unit are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to forward media inquiries concerning the Sheriff’s Office and law enforcement activities to the PIO.

Our Public Information Officer Chris Savary can be reached at 850-745-7112 or

The Public Information Office believes in building cooperative partnerships with the public and news media and strives to provide the public with accurate information as quickly as possible across all media platforms.

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office policy is to cooperate fully and impartially with the public and representatives of the news media in gathering and disseminating factual information where the activities do not subvert the ends of justice, infringe upon rights of privacy, or upon individual rights to a fair and impartial trial.

WCSO Public Information Officer Chris Savary