Our Mission

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office will commit its resources in partnership with the community to:

  • Promote a safe environment, free from crime and the fear of crime.
  • Provide an optimum level of service to the citizens we serve.
  • Practice our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.


Integrity is the trademark of the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office. We are committed to the standard of excellence in our performance, ethical conduct, and truthfulness in all relationships.

This sheriff’s office holds itself accountable for its actions and takes pride in a the highest professional level of service to our citizens and visitors.


The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office treats all persons in a dignified and courteous manner. We model understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity, both in our professional and personal undertakings.


We provide quality service in a courteous and efficient manner. We pride ourselves in our accessibility to all of those who call upon us for assistance.


We are responsive to all people and treat all people impartially, with consideration, compassion and respect.