While incarcerated, inmates may receive funds for their inmate trust account through the Inmate Deposit System.


Funds may be applied through:


NO cash, money orders, or personal checks will be accepted.  We will accept a check from another detention facility or law enforcement agency only.

All individuals booked into this facility will be charged a booking fee and daily sustenance fee.  Medical fees may also apply for those who request services.  If the person does not have funds at the time of booking, they will be deducted from any money sent to that individual during their time of incarceration.  Inability to pay the fee will not prevent release from custody. However, these fees are payable immediately upon release via cash, money order or certified check for the exact amount.  If you are not able to pay upon release, your outstanding balance will be turned over to billing with additional fees applied.  Fees may also be recovered during a subsequent incarceration if funds become available.