Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation division consists of dedicated sworn and civilian employees who have the duty and awesome responsibility of investigating crimes that affect the lives of our citizens.  The detectives are highly skilled law enforcement officers who are dedicated to bringing cases to a successful conclusion.

Persons Crimes

The Sheriff's Office conducts very aggressive investigations of crimes that involve the death or injury of another individual.  These detectives also track felons, sex offenders and sexual predators to ensure their compliance with Florida Statutes.

Property Crimes

This section has the primary investigative responsibility for theft type offenses related to the taking of money or property without the threat of or use of force.  Investigators in this unit work a variety of challenging crimes including burglaries and thefts.


This unit investigates narcotics related tips, illegal sales, distribution of controlled substances and other drug related criminal activity.  Over the past year, the narcotics section was challenged to renew and increase their efforts in the "war on drugs."  Investigators continue to target street level drug dealing in residential neighborhoods, In doing so they worked many extra hours to take advantage of timely intelligence.

Crime Scene/Evidence

The Crime Scene Unit is called to the scene of crimes to examine and collect evidence, record the scene and insure that evidence is processed properly.  The integrity of this unit is essential to the successful prosecution of criminal cases.

The responsibility of the Evidence section includes receiving, storing and the release of property.  Strict Florida Statutes govern the maintenance and disposal of property and must be followed at all times.

Victim Advocates

Our Victim Advocates are funded through a Victim of Crimes Act grant from the Department of Justice, passed through the Florida Attorney General's Office.  This funding comes from fines and forfeitures from criminal activity.  Our Advocates provide emotional support for victims of crime in Wakulla  County while assisting them in receiving any services they need related to their victimization.