Public Safety Concerns

The Florida Legislature begins meeting in regular session

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 in Tallahassee.

Legislative Platform

Florida Sheriffs 2015 Legislative Priorities


Updated October 3, 2014

Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
Support legislation that:

  • Establishes arrest, jail, and court programs targeted at providing mental health treatment services to persons involved in the criminal justice system, with an emphasis on crime prevention and reducing arrest recidivism.
  • Establishes connections between Sheriffs’ Offices and community service providers, and ensures offenders selected for community mental health treatment do not pose a threat to public safety.

Electronic Oaths
Support legislation that allows deputies to notarize documents electronically in order to bring further efficiency to law enforcement and corrections.

Homeowner’s Rights
Support legislation that enhances the rights of homeowners to better enable them to legally remove unwanted house guests without having to use provisions of the Landlord Tenant Act.

Florida Sheriffs Association Legislative Platform

Prevention & Youth Services Juvenile Detention: Support Sheriffs’ authority to operate juvenile detention facilities under current law.

Public Safety
Red Light Traffic Camera Operations: Oppose efforts to eliminate the use of cameras to enforce red light traffic violations.

Injunctions for Protection: Support strengthening laws to enhance injunctions for protection against stalking, cyberstalking, and sexual, dating, repeat, and domestic violence.

Law Enforcement
Eyewitness Accounts: Oppose legislation that would unreasonably restrict law enforcement’s authority to conduct the interview and line up process during investigations.

Pawnshop Records: Support legislation to create a statewide electronic database of pawnshop items.

Unreasonable Restrictions to Law Enforcement’s Access to Information: Support tools currently used by law enforcement to ensure public safety.

Jails & Corrections
Pretrial Release: Oppose efforts to remove control of pretrial release programs from Sheriffs, County Commissions, and local Judges.

Early Release: Support Truth in Sentencing laws requiring convicted criminals to serve at least 85% of their sentence.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: Oppose the elimination of mandatory minimum sentences.

Expunction of Criminal Records: Oppose unlimited expunction of criminal records.

State Sentencing: Oppose the state shifting Department of Corrections inmates to county jails without adequate funding.

Gambling: Oppose the expansion of any gambling, including Casino Resorts or Internet poker.

Florida Retirement System: Support legislation to maintain retirement benefits for law enforcement and correctional officers at a level equal to or greater than those provided by law prior to the 2011 legislative session.

Community Mental Health Funding: Support funding for mental health services that will assist persons after they are released from county jails and have to transition back into the community.

For more information, contact FSA Assistant Executive Director, Matt Dunagan or Government Affairs Coordinator, Tabitha McDonald.