Sheriff's Log--April 26 to May 2

On April 25, Ike Thomas of Crawfordville reported a criminal mischief to a rental property. Carpeting was removed from the residence and multiple holes in the dry wall were discovered along with paint and crayon marks on the walls. Walls in the residence were also demolished. The estimated damage was $12,000. Deputy Marshall Taylor investigated.

On April 25, Steven Kelly of Crawfordville reported a residential burglary. The victim reported the theft of collectable coins, tools and medications. The property loss was estimated at $25,000. Sgt. Jeremy Johnston and Detective Clint Beam investigated.

On April 25, an arrest warrant was requested for Roger Nathaniel Rosier, 36, of Sopchoppy for the charge of falsely identifying himself to law enforcement. Deputy Ian Dohme was attempting to serve two warrants but his patrol vehicle computer software program was down and he was unable to pull up a photograph of the suspect. Later, Deputy Dohme was successful in pulling up the suspect’s photograph and determined he had been given a false name. Sgt. Ryan Muse and Deputy Dohme attempted to serve Rosier a second time later in the shift and their suspect refused to come out of his home and continued to claim he was not the person they wanted.

On April 26, Deputy Vicki Mitchell and Sgt. Danny Harrell responded to a disturbance complaint at a Crawfordville business. When they arrived Donald Curtis Finch, 51, of Crawfordville was creating a disturbance and was in possession of a knife. During the pat down process, Sgt. Harrell discovered marijuana and a smoking pipe on Finch. He was charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On April 26, the wallet of a 14-year-old male juvenile was discovered on a school bus with marijuana inside. The student admitted the missing property was his when he spoke to Assistant Principal Simeon Nelson at Wakulla High School. Deputy Scott Rojas issued a civil citation for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and released him to his mother. The marijuana weighed less than a gram.

On April 26, Shannon Faye Vernon, 33, of Sopchoppy was arrested for retail theft after Wal-Mart Asset Protection staff observed the suspect remove items from the store without paying for them. Fruit, food and beverages, valued at $87, were discovered in the possession of the suspect. Deputy Vicki Mitchell investigated.

On April 26, the Youth and Community Services (COPS) Unit was informed of a 14-year-old Wakulla High School juvenile who was being harassed by other district students. The victim was being threatened by students wanting to fight him. Deputy Gibby Gibson, Deputy Scott Rojas and Deputy Joe Page investigated.

On April 26, an anonymous complaint was received regarding juveniles walking down Mohave Road and Catawba Trail with a pistol. The Airsoft pistol was recovered by Deputy Scott Powell and the deputy informed the juvenile’s mother of the incident. The information was sent to the COPS Unit.

On April 26, Richard Degagne of Crawfordville reported a grand theft at his home. Computer equipment, a vehicle, electronics and printer were reported stolen. The missing property is valued at $2,475 and a suspect has been identified. The vehicle was recovered in Tallahassee but tools, a GPS and a homemade piggy bank were stolen. Deputy Gibby Gibson investigated.

On April 26, Greg Ward of Crawfordville reported finding personal paperwork and a binder in the road on Shadeville Highway. The owner of the property was identified through a Social Security number, but Deputy Richard Moon was unable to contact her. The property was secured at the WCSO.

On April 26, two female juveniles, both 14, were discovered in a state of distress during their visit from Thomaston, Ga. The juveniles had been drinking with male friends. Both girls were transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital by Wakulla EMS. The WCSO Party Patrol of Sgt. Jeremy Johnston, Sgt. Billy Jones and Deputy Ward Kromer were notified. Sgt. Lorne Whaley investigated.

On April 26, Deputy Stephen Simmons was running stationary radar at the Panacea Plaza when he observed a vehicle traveling northbound at 51 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Tammy Jo Parker, 40, of Crawfordville was driving but stated she did not possess a valid driver license. Parker was arrested for driving with a suspended driver license, habitual offender. She was also issued a traffic citation for unlawful speed.

On April 27, Freddie Warr of Lake City reported a burglary to his shed in St. Marks. Someone cut the lock off his storage unit and removed furniture, household items and tools, valued at $2,920. Sgt. Danny Harrell investigated.

On April 27, Delano Taylor of Panacea reported the grand theft of a boat motor. The motor, valued at $450, was removed from his boat in his front yard. Deputy Billy Metcalf investigated.

On April 27, Tina Ray of Mike’s Quik Cash in Crawfordville reported a fraud. A customer, who has been identified, stopped payment on a check prior to cashing it at the establishment. The business has made several attempts to get the customer to make good on the check. The total loss was $225. Deputy Vicki Mitchell investigated.

On April 27, Deputy Richard Moon investigated a complaint of underage citizens attempting to get adults to purchase alcohol for them at a Medart convenience store. Aaron Franklin Swain, 19, of Crawfordville was arrested for possession of alcohol by a person under age 21. A 17-year-old female juvenile was turned over to a guardian.

On April 28, Michael Lawrence of Crawfordville reported a criminal mischief to his vehicle at Shell Point Beach. Someone let the air out of the victim’s tire. A profanity was also scratched in the paint of the victim’s vehicle. Damage was estimated at $500. Juveniles were identified in the case investigation. Lt. Jimmy Sessor and Deputy Nick Boutwell investigated.

On April 28, Johnny Kelly of Tallahassee reported an animal incident on the St. Marks Rail Trail. The victim was walking on the trail when a pit bulldog chased him. The victim defended himself with a walking stick. There were no injuries and the case was closed. Sgt. Danny Harrell investigated.

On April 28, a 14-year-old and a 12-year-old juvenile were struck by coins thrown from a passing vehicle as they walked on Mysterious Waters Road. The coins struck the juveniles in the chest and facial area. The coins were recovered from the roadway. Deputy Gibby Gibson investigated.

On April 28, Kaitlien Salem of Crawfordville reported a lost purse. The purse was last seen while the victim was running errands in her vehicle. The lost items included her driver license, bank cards, medications and currency. Deputy Richard Moon investigated.

On April 28, Jackson Geiger of Tallahassee and Jordan Kimberl of Tallahassee were involved in a two vehicle traffic crash at the interaction of Highway 267 and Woodville Highway. There were no injuries but Kimberl’s vehicle was towed from the scene. Deputy Stephen Simmons investigated.

On April 28, Deputy Scott Powell and Deputy Richard Moon investigated a report of a reckless vehicle that was narrowly avoiding traffic on U.S. Highway 319. Emergency lights and sirens were activated but the motorist refused to stop. The motorist approached New Light Church Road and slowed down from 60 miles per hour to 10 miles per hour before dropping a passenger off on the side of the road. The vehicle accelerated and continued toward Leon County. The subject who got out of the vehicle told deputies he asked the driver to let him out on several occasions. He signed a false imprisonment affidavit for prosecution but did not know the full name of the suspect. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Tallahassee Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol were contacted but could not locate the vehicle.

On April 28, Sgt. Lorne Whaley conducted a traffic stop at U.S. Highway 319 and Dogwood Drive. Sgt. Whaley could not read the tag. Danny K. Godbolt, 46, of Crawfordville was unable to provide a valid driver license. Godbolt was arrested for felony driving while license is suspended or revoked. A passenger in the vehicle was issued a Uniform Traffic Citation for having an open alcoholic container in the vehicle.

On April 29, a Wal-Mart associate reported a counterfeit $100 bill. The bill was collected and submitted into WCSO Evidence. Deputy Elisee Colin investigated.

On April 29, Deputy Nick Gray responded to a seven-year-old male juvenile walking down Arikara Drive in Crawfordville unattended. The juvenile went to a home of a neighbor and asked for food. The child was cared for by the neighbor until Deputy Gray returned him to his mother. The mother told Deputy Gray that she would attempt to lock the doors to keep the child from wandering off.

On April 29, Suzette Bragg of Crawfordville reported the theft of her boat which was tied to her dock. The victim searched the St. Marks River to see if she could find it. The boat was entered in the NCIC/FCIC data base. It is valued at approximately $900. Deputy Elisee Colin investigated.

On April 29, Siefe Joseph Awad, 62, of Crawfordville was arrested for knowingly operating a motor vehicle while license was suspended or revoked. Detective Derek Lawhon and Detective Matt Helms observed the suspect vehicle northbound on Coastal Highway. A traffic stop was conducted after Detective Lawhon recognized his suspect. He was taken into custody without incident.

On April 30, Jack Sangster of Thomasville, Ga. reported a grand theft of a water pump and tank from his Sopchoppy property. The property is valued at $2,000. A suspect has been identified. The property was recovered in Woodville. Lt. Jimmy Sessor investigated.

On April 30, a 16-year-old male was issued a civil citation for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana at Wakulla High School. A search of the suspect’s vehicle turned up marijuana in a plastic bag. The marijuana weighed 1.3 grams. Deputy Scott Rojas investigated.

On April 30, Tiffany Belcher of Tallahassee reported someone using her credit card at a Crawfordville gas station. The card was used for $72 worth of purchases. A suspect has been identified. Deputy Ian Dohme investigated.

On April 30, Thomas Ball of Crawfordville reported being a victim of a fraud. The victim was sent a $2,100 check from a suspect and asked to deposit the check in his bank account and send $1,960 back to another suspect. Deputy Alan Middlebrooks determined at the time of writing his report the bank had not identified the check as fraudulent, but is likely to do so. The victim also received a second large check which he did not cash.

On April 30, Garrett Haire of Crawfordville reported a fraud. Two credit card accounts were opened in the victim’s name. The victim does not bank at the institution where the accounts were opened. Deputy Marshall Taylor investigated.

On April 30, Heather Marie Kampert, 29, of Tallahassee was arrested for DUI with property damage, leaving the scene of an accident and refusing to submit to a breath test following an incident at the Wakulla Station Kangaroo station. Lt. Sherrell Morrison and Deputy Marshall Taylor investigated a traffic crash at the store. The crash caused minimal damage to the structure. Kampert flagged down law enforcement on Commerce Blvd. with pieces of the building attached to her bumper. Sgt. Ryan Muse also investigated.

On May 1, Patricia Mitchell of Crawfordville reported a vehicle burglary. While on patrol in Crawfordville, Detective Nick Boutwell observed a 17-year-old male juvenile acting suspiciously. The juvenile was found to be in possession of the victim’s vehicle keys. The juvenile was charged with burglary of a conveyance and grand theft.

On May 1, Antonio Xavier Bradwell, 26, of Crawfordville was observed driving a motor vehicle in Crawfordville. Bradwell’s license was revoked as a habitual offender. He was charged with driving while license is suspended or revoked, habitual offender. Sgt. Mike Helms investigated.

On May 1, a Crawfordville resident reported discovering a lewd photograph on her daughter’s Facebook page. A 20-year-old suspect has been identified. The victim’s daughter is age 14. Deputy Stephen Simmons investigated.

On May 1, Fredrick Debaufer of Panacea reported a criminal mischief. A vehicle owned by the victim was parked at a Crawfordville location when the windshield was broken. Damage to the vehicle is estimated at $250. Deputy Mike Zimba investigated.

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office received 985 calls for service during the past week including: 23 business and residential alarms; 73 citizen contacts; 13 disturbances; seven E-911 abandoned cell calls; 11 abandoned E-911 calls; 18 regular E-911 calls; 40 investigations; 10 juvenile citizen contacts; 43 medical emergencies; 19 school security checks; 301 business and security checks; 35 special details; 28 subpoena services; 17 suspicious people; 14 suspicious vehicles; 22 traffic enforcements; 86 traffic stops; 15 reckless vehicles; 25 wanted people; and 10 watch orders.