Sheriff's Log--April 12 to April 18

On April 11, Sgt. Ray Johnson issued 32 hours of community service through civil citations to a 12-year-old Riversprings Middle School student and a 14-year-old RMS student. The students were in possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana at school. One of the students was also in possession of drug paraphernalia at RMS. The parents of the students were notified.

On April 11, Ashley Bowen of Crawfordville was involved in a single vehicle traffic crash at 6451 Coastal Highway. The victim crashed her vehicle into a guardrail. There were no injuries to the driver or passenger, Larry Toliver of St. Marks. The driver was cited for careless driving. Deputy Ian Dohme investigated.

On April 11, Eric Webb of Crawfordville reported that he parked his vehicle at 360 Shadeville Road to pick up a child and discovered that someone crashed into his vehicle while he was gone. There were no injuries. A suspect has been identified. Deputy Mike Crum investigated.

On April 12, a 16-year-old Wakulla High School female was found to be in possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana at school. The student was issued a civil citation for community service for possessing 1.5 grams. Deputy Scott Rojas investigated.

On April 12, Robert McGrew of Crawfordville reported a trespass at a Panacea commercial property. McGrew observed a male subject with a Georgia license tag at his property. The suspect left the scene and the victim did not discover any missing property. Sgt. Danny Harrell investigated.

On April 12, Reba McKenzie of Crawfordville reported a criminal mischief. Several items belonging to the victim were either removed or destroyed at her home. A gaming system was destroyed by coffee being poured on it, seat covers were cut, a television was missing along with a DVD player and other glass items were destroyed. Clothing was also set on fire. The value of the damaged and missing items was $2,560. A suspect was identified and contact was made with the suspect’s relative asking him to turn himself in to face a felony charge. Deputy Gibby Gibson investigated.

On April 12, Karen Busen of Crawfordville reported a fraud. The victim observed 40 unauthorized withdrawals to her bank account. The withdrawals are valued at $477. Deputy Billy Metcalf investigated.

On April 12, George James Wilkinson, 18, of Crawfordville was arrested for battery after spitting on a 27-year-old victim in Wal-Mart. The teenager attempted to flee the scene on foot but was apprehended. Deputy Scott Powell investigated.

On April 13, Cornelius Eugene Stevens, 30, of Fort Pierce was stopped for speeding on U.S. Highway 319 in Crawfordville when Deputy Scott Powell observed the motorist driving 55 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. It was determined that the driver had a suspended license. Stevens was arrested for driving while license is suspended or revoked third or subsequent conviction. Deputy David Pienta also investigated.

On April 13 and April 14, WCSO investigators were dispatched to four death investigations with three of them being back-to-back-to-back investigations. The investigations involved a female, two males and a juvenile male during a difficult shift. The deaths were not suspicious. Deputy Mike Zimba, Sgt. Lorne Whaley, Detective Derek Lawhon, Deputy Vicki Mitchell, Deputy Gibby Gibson and Sgt. Danny Harrell investigated.

On April 14, Haley Harris of Crawfordville reported a theft of property at Wakulla Springs State Park. The victim’s wallet was missing $100. Deputy Vicki Mitchell investigated.

On April 15, Kristen Thomas-Pedler of Crawfordville reported a fraud. The victim was attempting to sell jewelry through an Internet listing site when she discovered that the cashier’s check used to pay for her purchased property was fraudulent. The victim has not been compensated for her jewelry and is owed $1,007. Deputy Ward Kromer investigated.

On April 15, Gloria Marie Cash, 53, of Tallahassee was issued a notice to appear in court following a traffic stop. The driver was found to have a suspended driver license and a seize order for her tag for failure to have vehicle insurance. Sgt. Ryan Muse investigated.

On April 15, William Haynie of Crawfordville reported a grand theft. A generator and gas can, valued at $310, were stolen from the victim’s home. Persons of interest have been identified. Deputy Ian Dohme investigated.

On April 16, Joshua Weeks of Crawfordville reported a fraud. The victim reported three unauthorized bank charges from a Wal-Mart and a convenience store in Altamonte Springs and Longwood. The charges totaled $797. Deputy Nick Gray investigated.

On April 16, Thomas Linton of Crawfordville reported a residential burglary. An air compressor was stolen from the victim’s property. The lost property is valued at $100 and a suspect has been identified. Deputy Elisee Colin investigated.

On April 16, Abrianna Caple of Crawfordville reported a fraud. The victim’s Social Security number was used to file taxes. Deputy Nick Gray investigated.

On April 16, Sgt Ryan Muse investigated a suspicious activity complaint on Emmett Whaley Road. A juvenile was observed pulling a rolling suitcase with a shotgun sticking out of it. The subject had a 10 inch knife in a sheath on his belt. Sgt. Muse searched the subject for his safety and a total of four knives were found on his person. The shotgun was also loaded. Sgt. Muse determined where the juvenile lived and he was transported back to his home by Deputies Alan Middlebrooks and Ward Kromer. The weapons and property were turned over to his parents. Lt. Sherrell Morrison also investigated.

On April 17, Talisa Glover of Crawfordville reported a fraud. The victim observed an unauthorized withdrawal on her bank account for $20. Deputy Billy Metcalf investigated.

On April 17, a 21-year-old Crawfordville woman reported someone posting a video on Facebook that depicted an adult male having sex with a young female. The case was reported to law enforcement in Albany, Ga. where the individual posted the video. Sgt. Lorne Whaley, Lt. Brent Sanders and Deputy Mike Zimba investigated.

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office received 1,064 calls for service during the past week including: 14 commercial and residential alarms; 81 citizen contacts; 15 disturbances; 28 E-911 abandoned cell calls; six E-911 abandoned calls; 14 regular E-911 calls; 49 investigations; 14 juvenile citizen contacts; 39 medical emergencies; 366 business and residential security checks; 30 special details; 11 suspicious people; 12 suspicious vehicles; 37 traffic enforcements; 122 traffic stops; 12 reckless vehicles; and 12 wanted people.