The Wakulla County Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) met in regular session Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 with the following in attendance: CTST Chairman and Emergency Management Director Scott Nelson; CTST Vice Chairman, Secretary and Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office PIO Keith Blackmar; Mickie Salter of Transfield Services; Commissioner Randy Merritt; Marge Kinder; Marj Law; Matt King of the Florida Department of Transportation; Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Anthony Stone; Robert Ceska of Preble-Rish; and Greg Taylor of the Florida Department of Transportation.

Following a request from Crawfordville resident Bonnie Messimer, the Wakulla County Commission granted a Golf Cart Community designation for Griffin Road. The Wakulla County Commission granted the request at the Jan. 4 board meeting. The residents are responsible for erecting a sign designating the area a golf cart community.

The Wakulla Arran Road and Michael Drive sidewalk project continues to move forward with plans to link the sidewalk to existing sidewalk at the Wakulla County Health Department and Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office Annex. The sidewalk is a DOT project.

Donnie Phillips retired from Transfield Services and the CTST presented a plaque to Mickie Salter to present to Donnie for his many years of dedicated service to the CTST. Donnie attended dozens and dozens of CTST meetings and provided valuable input and assistance to the CTST and Wakulla County. Thank you to Donnie!

Public Works has $50,000 in a road stripping budget and Brent Pell was seeking suggestions of roads to be stripped. The CTST suggested Oak Street, Lonnie Raker Lane, Wildwood Drive, Old Woodville Highway, Bob Miller Road and the connecting roads from Old Woodville Highway to Woodville Highway. A suggestion of improving stop bars on the roads was made in the event that the funding did not cover many roads. The CTST suggested that the thermoplastic method be used over paint despite the higher cost per mile.

The Department of Transportation provides safety related gift bags for students at the WCSO sponsored Project Graduation for high school seniors each June and is hoping to do so again in 2016. Matt King said he would check on the availability of materials that can be donated.

The WCSO had 84 DUI arrests in 2014 and another 36 in 2015. Traffic fatality statistics remain low as there were two traffic fatalities in Wakulla County in 2015. In 2014 there were three; two in 2013 and seven in 2012.

A traffic crash killed four horses from Camp Indian Springs but the driver survived despite heavy damage to his truck. Animal Control continues to work with Camp Indian Springs to make sure the horses do not continue to escape and pose a threat to motorists on Highway 267.

Marge Kinder asked if Public Works can check the speed limit signs on Shell Point Road to make sure they are consistent as motorists approach the golf cart community.

Commissioner Randy Merritt asked DOT to consider wearing down the newly placed rumble strips near Medart Elementary School following a complaint from a resident that lives nearby. The citizen says the traffic devices create a lot of noise at night and keep his family awake.

Leon County officials are increasing the speed limit on Crawfordville Highway near Highway 61 near Munson Slough from 45 miles per hour to 50.

The next meeting of the Wakulla County CTST will be held Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 11 a.m. in the WCSO EOC Conference Room.


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