Major Herman “Chuck” Whaley, Jr., 850-745-7181, leads the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). Major Whaley holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology from Florida State University and has over 33 years of law enforcement experience at the local and federal level.  Prior to employment with the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office (SO), Major Whaley served 11 years with the Putnam County SO and then 21 years as a Special Agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  He retired from the DEA as Associate Special Agent in Charge in South Florida on September 30, 2016, and moved to Wakulla County.  He is a fifth generation son of Wakulla County and is the second member of his family to work at the Wakulla County SO.  His grandfather’s brother, Deputy R.E. Whaley, worked at the Wakulla County SO and lived in the historic jail in Crawfordville from 1949 – 1971.  Major Whaley has led CID since January 6, 2017. CID Detectives, Victim Advocates, Property/Evidence Custodian, and Crime Scene Technician professionally conduct thorough and complete criminal investigations; properly and transparently documents investigative efforts; properly collect, preserve and dispose of evidence; deliver quality cases to the State Attorney’s Office and other prosecuting authorities; serve as professional, honest and honorable witnesses in depositions and court; and empower and educate victims of crime.

Herman E. Whaley, Jr. “Chuck”


Persons Crimes Unit

The Sheriff’s Office conducts very aggressive investigations of crimes that involve the death or injury of another individual.  These detectives also track felons, sex offenders and sexual predators to ensure their compliance with Florida Statutes.

For more information on Sex Offender Registration, please contact 850-745-7182

Property Crimes Unit

This section has the primary investigative responsibility for theft type offenses related to the taking of money or property without the threat of or use of force.  Detectives in this unit work a variety of challenging crimes including burglaries and thefts.

Narcotics Unit

This section of CID enforces the controlled substance laws of the State of Florida and the United States and brings to the criminal justice system those individuals, organizations and principle members of organizations involved in the growing, manufacture, possession or distribution of controlled substances in Wakulla County, Florida.  This most often involves the investigation and preparation for the prosecution of violators of controlled substance laws found in chapter 893 of the Florida Statutes.  It also involves the seizure and forfeiture of assets derived from, traceable to, or intended to be used for illicit drug trafficking.  The Narcotics section of CID is committed to the coordination and cooperation with other local, state and federal law enforcement officials on mutual drug enforcement efforts.

Sheriff’s Enforcement Unit

The Sheriff’s Enforcement Unit (SEU) is a sub-unit of the Narcotics Unit.  Detectives in the Narcotics Unit receive drug intelligence which is entered into an intelligence database.  Lead packages are developed and “hot spots” are identified where drug transactions are occurring.  These lead packages are provided to the SEU, which in turn utilizes those leads to conduct pre-textual stops of motor vehicles and subjects at each “hot spot.” The SEU Detective utilizes an unmarked vehicle outfitted with the equipment necessary to conduct traffic enforcement and to operate a drug detection K-9.  While working these “hot spots,” the SEU makes arrests of subjects for drug offenses and develops intelligence information beneficial to the Narcotics Detectives as they further investigations of drug trafficking organizations impacting Wakulla County, Florida.

Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit serves as the Drug Trak Administrator; and develops and exploits tactical and strategic intelligence.  Tactical Intelligence includes such things as conducting database checks, accurately updating the Master Name Index within the SmartCop report system in active investigations and other preliminary workups on the cases being assigned to the other specialized units within CID; drafting and serving subpoenas; charting; and general research and case support for the other members of CID.  Strategic Intelligence includes such things as attending intelligence sharing meetings at other agencies, daily reviewing agency calls for service, being aware of cyclical events, reviewing incoming intelligence to determine the days and times during the week when criminal activity is most prevalent, locations where various types of crimes are being committed, and determining crime trends in Wakulla County so that predictive intelligence can be gleaned.

Crime Scene/Evidence Unit

(850-745-7196 or 850-745-7196)

The Crime Scene Unit is called to the scene of crimes to examine and collect evidence, record the scene and insure that evidence is processed properly.  The integrity of this unit is essential to the successful prosecution of criminal cases. The responsibility of the Evidence section includes receiving, storing and the release of property.  Strict Florida Statutes govern the maintenance and disposal of property and must be followed at all times.

Victim’s Advocate Unit

The Victim’s Advocate Unit functions as first responders to provide immediate assistance for the problems people face after becoming victims of crime.  The Victim Advocates provide assistance on a 24 hour-a-day basis to victims and their families who may need on-scene or follow-up crisis counseling, criminal justice support or post-conviction support.  The Victim Advocates are funded through a Victim of Crimes Act grant from the Department of Justice, passed through the Florida Attorney General’s Office.  This funding comes from fines and forfeitures from criminal activity.  The Victim Advocates provide emotional support for victims of crime in Wakulla County while assisting them in receiving any services they need related to their victimization.  The Victim Advocates may be contacted by calling (850) 745-7129.